Combi-protec ® bait concentrate

Additive under Section 42 of Plant Protection Act for the production of bait insecticide mixtures

Approved for use in organic farming.

Combi-protec can be used with approved plant protection products as a tank mixture. The areas of application established by the licensing authority (culture, harmful organism, purpose), labelling requirements and application provisions for the respective plant protection mixing partner, in particular with regard to bee protection, are Also in the tank mix with combi-protec.

What is combi-protec?

  • Is a cargo bait for various pathogens in fruit and viticulture.
  • Combi-protec contains natural plant proteins with a high proportion of amino acids, polypeptides, minerals and vitamins.
  • Is insecticide-free and is applied in tank mixture with suitable insecticides
  • Can be used with a small amount of water on a part of the culture.
  • Reduces insecticide expenditure to a minimum

How does combi-protec work?

Combi-protec bait concentrate improves the active ingredient uptake of insecticides in the fight against fruit flies and vinegar flies. Combi-protec combi-protec works exclusively in combination with an insecticide.

In principle, active ingredients such as:

  • Acetamiprid (Mospilan ® SG)
  • Thiacloprid (Calypso ®)
  • Spinosad (SpinTor ®)
  • Cyantraniliprol (Exirel ®)

The uptake of combi-protec is mainly done by cargo and leads to an increased effect on the flies. An egg laying of fruit and vinegar flies is already prevented shortly after the intake. In combination, the duration of action of the insecticides is extended to about 5-10 days. So that new cherry vinegar flies flying into the stock do not come to the egg laying, a quick effect of the spray surface on the insects is important. Here, the benefits lie in a mixture of the insecticide with a cargo bait like combi-protec. Even with the same concentration of applications and a fraction of the usually spent amount of insecticide, a much faster killing effect can be detected. Just six hours after the flies were exposed to the mixture of spintor 4 ml and combi-protec 1 l used as bait, almost 90% of the flies were killed off.

Combi-protec the application

Combi-protec is recommended as a tank mix with various insecticides. 1.0 liters of combi-protec is dissolved in 20 litres of water. This is the proven amount of water for one hectare. In very dense berry stocks, the application of 40 litres of brewing amount is also recommended. Warm water accelerates the mixing process. In this feeding, the approved insecticide is added in compliance with the medium-specific conditions. The amount of funds required corresponds to a two to five-fold concentrated spray broth, similar to the fine spray technique. The application of the bait insecticide mixture is preferably done by means of a suitable spray or Inject nozzle, which produces medium-sized droplets. An even distribution or wetting of the plant is not necessary, but in particular supports the effect in the fight against cherry vinegar flies. However, air support applications allow for an even distribution in the tree are not strictly necessary. The spray broth should be applied within 24 hours. An addition of fungicides or leaf fertilizers in bait treatment is discouraged.

Combi-protec and bee conservation

In our experience, the bait insecticide mixture has no attractiveness for bees and is therefore safe to use in combination with an insecticide classified as safe for bees.

Tests at the Bavarian State Institute for Wine and Horticulture Veitshöchheim in 2015 show no negative effects on bees by applying the Spintor + combi-protec mixture in case of death and contamination compared to control peoples. Equal results were produced at the Landsanac for Bee Studies in Hohenheim. Especially for the requested application with the product Spintor, classified as bie-dangerous, there will be bee monitoring for protection in 2016 as part of a large-scale trial in South Baden. The results of this will feed into the approval process.

Mixes with insecticides classified as dangerous for bees continue to be classified as dangerous for bees in untested tank mixtures. Bee-floated plants must not be treated in the mixture!

Combi-protec is organic

And was included in the operating funds list for organic farming in Germany and Austria. The combination with an insecticide approved for organic farming, such as SpinTor ®, would also be suitable for organic farming. Please note the requirements of their growing association. In 2014, for example, the use of combi-protec + SpinTor ® against the cherry vinegar fly was approved by some associations as the sole control method.


Combi-protec has been approved for bio-cultivation use in Germany (conformitage collection).